About Intuitive Tarot

About our Readings

Intuitive Tarot reading will help guide you through the obstacles you may be facing in your day to day life. Whether it is questions you need answering, a situation which may be frustrating you or clarification on the outcome of an event the reading will give accurate responses directly related to you.

A reading can also help resolve issues from the past or now, which may be holding you back in the present, and thus impacting on any future outcomes you may desire. Using the Tarot Cards intuitively, I am able to channel into your energy and any guides that may be around you, thus enabling accurate and additional information to be given as required and in respect of the situation at hand.

Intuitive Tarot Reading, Perth, Online or in-person

Complete confidentiality

All readings are done with the client’s complete confidentiality in mind in the privacy of my own healing room. During the session, it is imperative that you understand that I am not there to judge you, or, the situation you need clarity on, nor am I going to make any decisions for you. The reading is solely for your benefit and to help you seek clarity and empower you to make your own choices.

What to expect

A consultation booked with Miranda, will utilise a range of methods of divination, including the use of different Tarot decks. Your consultation will yield the following detailed information.

  1. Your present surrounding circumstances or situation.
  2. Your present psychological and emotional state of mind.
  3. Your most significant question.
  4. Your present dilemma or decision (or that in life that blocks you).
  5. The influences of your past (and how they affect you in the now).
  6. How you are presently positioned with regard to the world around you.
  7. The future as you perceive it.
  8. The future as it really is, given your present positioning and behavioural trends.
  9. Two directions for your future attained through free will.*
  10. Any further questions – there is no limit here, just time allowance.
  11. A Chakra reading – optional at no extra cost, again pending time allowance.
  12. A final point of emphasis or summing up from the cards for future contemplation.
Intuitive Tarot Reading, Miranda Diprose
*These directions or outcomes will be based on i) if you follow Miranda’s intuitive advice from what the cards say or ii) if you decide to ignore what the intuitive advice given is and take the alternative path.