I organised a reading with Miranda after coming to a few roadblocks in my life and was therefore seeking some mental clarity. I left the reading with not only hope, determination and purpose, but also acknowledging that my feelings were justified and feeling incredibly connected to my inner-self. I had expectations of my appointment with Miranda, however what she gave me far beyond exceeded them. I felt incredibly welcomed, comfortable and understood, which gave me the strength to be vulnerable with her, as she was with me. Miranda truly makes you feel as though you are her main focus and priority and for that I thank her. Her intuition is incredibly natural and not at all confrontational. She reassured me that I was indeed on the right path and provided me with precious advise for the future. I will certainly be recommending Miranda to any of my friends who are seeking the clarity i was and will most definitely be returning to her. Thank you Miranda, truly.

25th Aug 2021