I had specific questions, which Miranda addressed directly without loosing focus. She provided clarification and gave me next steps moving forward.
I appreciate her clear and concise approach to my questions.
Thank you Miranda you have made the journey ahead for me a lot easier.

26th May 2023


Miranda was wonderful, my reading was insightful & she was great at explaining everything to me .
She was compassionate & had a lovely calming energy about her . I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with her .

19th May 2023


I found Miranda very approachable and welcoming.
She straight away pin pointed why I was feeling so out of sorts, helping me understand and clarify my situation.

My reading has now helped me to reaffirmed what I was feeling and given me some guidance and direction.

Thank you Miranda

15th May 2023


Such an amazing experience with Miranda. Would 100% recommend to anyone who is chasing clarity. Thanks again lovely ????


Miranda was extremely professional and uses good IT tools to an organise an appointment, calendar/ pre alerts and post consultation service.
To top it, she is good with her senses and provides measured advices; while being considerate to hear out all the emotional outbursts.
Thank you and would definitely come back.

2nd May 2023


Miranda is so intuitive. Her reading cleared up so much for me and opened my eyes to my past, present and future. She explains everything in great detail so you don’t feel like you’re leaving confused. I highly recommend Miranda.

28th Apr 2023


Ohh it was just what I needed the reading was amazing.
And accurate I have readings all the time but this was amazing it really helped me to soldier on in my life and know everything is gonna be ok.

19th Apr 2023


Miranda is incredible! She was spot on in the current life areas I have been questioning, and was able to give me the clarity, guidance and direction I needed.
In addition, her manner, wisdom and way of explaining what needs to be said is just so clear and beautiful.
Thank you so much Miranda ????.

16th Apr 2023


Thank you so much Miranda, I had a wonderful reading where I was given some much needed guidance in my life. Miranda gave me a whole new perspective on my situation and I’ve carried her advice since. Having that outside opinion without judgement was exactly what I needed, I walked out feeling so much better. Thanks again

3rd Apr 2023


Miranda is amazing!
I had such a beautiful experience during my 1 hour tarot reading with her.
She has so much knowledge about the tarot cards and life in general.
I got so much out of our time together.
She explained everything so nicely, easy to understand. I loved all the examples she gave me to make sure it was clear to me.
She is really intuitive, gifted and spot on!


Thank you so much. ❤

29th Mar 2023


Miranda is awesome. As soon as I walked in the room it was as if she slid into my mind. She read my life like a book and the future she read in my cards made total sense.


I would highly recommend Miranda to do a reading she was great and gave me clarity on a few things that I had on my mind. I will definitely be getting another reading Miranda.

Thanks Miranda.

21st Mar 2023


It was fantastic, I had a reading back in November and couldn’t recommend it enough.
Will be doing another very soon
Thank you Miranda

16th Mar 2023


The reading was everything I could have hoped for and more. Miranda was incredibly accurate and specific, and revealed information that no one else could have known. The reading has brought clarity and guidance to some big decisions I need to make in my life. I would definitely recommend a reading with Miranda.

12th Mar 2023


I had a lovely experience, very insightful and helped me with some decisions I need to make. I left feeling very happy that I went.

23rd Feb 2023


Miranda was amazing in creating a safe space and making me feel super comfortable while giving an extremely accurate reading. Couldn’t recommend enough!!

21st Feb 2023


This was my second time seeing Miranda. Needed some guidance on a few things happening in my life. She was very accurate and all the things I had been wanting to hear about all came up in my reading. Felt like a weight had been lifted off shoulders. Thank you Miranda it was a great reading. Will definitely be back!

17th Feb 2023


I wouldn’t call myself spiritual but decided to keep an open mind when I made a booking to see Miranda. This was my first experience of a card reading and it has been a memorable one. Miranda was able to identify certain aspects of my situation and provide clarity around the decisions to make for my dilemma. Even though I may have been a little sceptical, I would still recommend this for anyone seeking guidance and/or another perspective.

17th Feb 2023


Miranda is very clear and comprehensive, she not just read but expresses the meaning of the card well beyond the anticipated measures. I absolutely loved my time and I will surely come back.

Thank you for the reading and the guidance.

8th Feb 2023



I had a reading with Miranda at the beginning of this year and am so glad that I had made the decision to do this. Miranda provided really good insight into what I was currently going through in my personal life and gave me some very valuable advice about how I could start moving forward. I am grateful for the experience and would definitely recommend a reading.

6th Feb 2023

Matty T

My reading was profound. Miranda is kind, gentle and encouraging. The guidance I received was very specific and what I needed to hear. I came away feeling calm, less uncertain for the future and with a sense of excitement. Thank you for helping me put some steel back in my spine.

31st January 2023


Miranda has a true gift. The perfect blend of solid non biased advice and intuitive reading. My cards (chosen by me) were spookily accurate. Everything was spot on. Miranda was calm, kind and concise with her deliverance. We covered so much in an hour. Every minute was packed with amazing insight and guidance. One thing I should highlight is there was absolutely no fluff! I’ve seen readers before that subtly fluff to fill the time, not Miranda, every second was filled with insightful information. Seeing Miranda was the final piece of the puzzle for what felt like a never ending dilemma and I’m so so grateful for our session. I won’t see another reader now. I’m so glad I’ve found her. Can’t recommend enough. Thank you Miranda, wholeheartedly.

25th Jan 2023


My reading with Miranda provided clarity and positivity. Her deliverance was very thorough and accurate against the challenging phases of my life. It’s left me feeling more at ease and given a new found energy and excitement for my year ahead!

24th Jan 2023


Miranda is absolutely lovely. She has such beautiful energy and everything she was saying was so on point. Every explanation/description/prediction is so detailed and I could totally relate to everything she was saying. Though it hurt to hear certain things because I’m still in the process of healing, she gave me reassurance that everything is going to be just fine, and I really needed to hear that. Thank you Miranda, I will definitely be back 🌸

19th Jan 2023


I felt that the reading truly resonated for me and I believe Miranda has a true gift. Her advice and guidance was very much appreciated and I feel more hopeful having had this experience. Thank you.

10th Jan 2023


It was so lovely to meet Miranda and have her do a reading for me. I found an instant connection with her and I just know her guidance will help me moving forward.

8th Dec 2022


I’m so glad to find Miranda. My session with her was absolutely amazing. She’s so lovely and inspiring person. Now I know who should I see when I need someone to read my cards.
Thank you Miranda and I strongly recommend you to everyone. ✨✨💕

3rd Dec 2022


Miranda was very welcoming and for my first ever reading I felt as I was where I needed to be. I was given more insight to the growth I have endeavoured in recent years and had clarity on my thoughts on a trip after going through the tarot reading. It was a fantastic experience and I will be back. Thank you Miranda

1st Dec 2022


This was an amazing experience.
Miranda was welcoming, personable and knowledgeable.
She explained things in detail, and simply. It was easy to follow along and understand the reading.
I gained insight into new information and new outlooks on my life.
Thank you for the experience, I will definitely be coming again.

19th Nov 2022

Sammy C

This was my first Tarot reading and went with an open mind and hoped for some direction in my life.
Miranda put me at ease straight away and her revaluations of my past and where I was right now could not have been more accurate. Her guidance for the future was amazing and will definitely go back in the future .

18th Nov 2022


I had a wonderful experience with Miranda. She was warm and welcoming and dived straight into the reading so we could pack the hour with deep discussion. Many specific comments were on point for my current situation. Miranda was very understanding and comforting with my emotional fragility and provided valuable guidance moving forward. Would love to return for another reading at some point!

17th Oct 2022


Miranda was so lovely and gave me some insight to things that are happening around me. I felt calm and had a sense of direction after seeing her.     I would definitely recommend her to others ❤️

17th Oct 2022


When I first walked in I felt anxious, Miranda straight away made me feel comfortable and relaxed.
My reading from Miranda was positive and very insightful.

This was my first reading and highly recommend, I will definitely be back in the future.

16th Oct 2022


Fantastic experience!
Miranda was so kind, caring and supportive, making it a very safe and comfortable space.
I will definitely be back!

11th Nov 2022


My second reading with Miranda reaffirms how incredibly keen her intuition is, and how happy I am to have rebooked. I had such a fulfilling and insightful reading; my concerns picked up on almost instantly. Miranda has such a safe and kind presence, and the way she approaches sharing her gift is truly remarkable.

Thank you once again, Miranda!

10th Nov 2022


Due to where I work I decided to try a phone call booking. I was very curious how it’d go as I’d never done one before and wondered how it’d work considering I couldn’t see the cards. But Miranda stepped through the process easily and I got to see my cards though a few images she sent. The reading was clear detailed and thorough. Miranda did a great job at explaining everything and linking everything up with questions. She answered everything I wanted to know.

A truly great experience. I highly recommend and will book again! X

31st Oct 2022


Miranda was very lovely and calming. She was able to give me much needed clarity on a very confusing issue that I have been dealing with and she confirmed what I had been intuitively feeling, which has been such a relief. I cannot recommend her highly enough and will definitely be using her again in the future as needed.

27th Oct 2022


I found having a reading by Miranda to be a very positive experience. She was warm and welcoming, compassionate and insightful. Very quickly I felt she knew me as well as I do. I left feeling much calmer and filled with hope and positivity about a current situation – a situation which has greatly improved since following the pointers from my reading. I highly recommend seeing Miranda!

19th Oct 2022


It was obvious to me from the start of my reading with Miranda that she has a “gift” as we discussed personal and family issues that she had no way of knowing except by way of her psychic intuition. A fine and rewarding experience that I have already recommended to family and friends.

14th Oct 2022


Miranda has the most wonderful, warm and welcoming nature. I felt very comfortable during my session even though I was nervous initially, she immediately made me feel at ease. Absolutely in awe of all her insights and accuracy. I left feeling very happy and with perspective. Thank you Miranda.

9th Oct 2022


My reading was very insightful. I have had a lot of uncertainty in my life and Miranda did an amazing reading that left me feeling accomplished about my past and excited for the future.

I would highly recommend Miranda to my family and friends.

10th Oct 2022


I participated in a video reading and found this to be a great way to interact as I was a bit unsure about how it would go not being face to face.

My read although nothing really new too me helped me to feel less blocked as it reaffirmed what I kinda thought.

I am glad I did this as it has allowed me to remove those stumbling points for me and I feel a lot clearer on how to move forward.
9th Oct 2022


I was honestly blown away by Miranda’s capabilities. I was seeking guidance and also someone to tell me everything was going to be okay after a very turbulent few years with my health. Not only did Miranda make me feel better about where I’m going in life, she also recommended me books and sent me links to meditation videos to help me on my journey. She went above and beyond. She provided me with so much clarity and her accuracy was incredible, my jaw was on the floor the entire time. This was my first experience with anything like this and it’s made me feel so much relief and excitement about my life moving forward. Cannot recommend Miranda enough. Thank you for my reading!

21st Sep 2022


Miranda was amazing and gave me guidance that I had been looking for. I felt completely comfortable in the session, like I was chatting to a friend. Her knowledge is outstanding and put a lot of things at ease for me. I highly recommend and hope to return in the future for another reading.

Thanks again Miranda 🤍🌟

21sy Sep 2022


Miranda’s reading was phenomenal. She gave wonderful insight to current life situations and gave me amazing tools to make decisions and grasp opportunities.
Miranda is respectful, she’s kind and has your best interests at heart! Her readings are so accurate and she values your response and questioning!
I couldn’t recommend Miranda enough she has truely made such a difference in my life xx

8th Sep 2022


Thank you so much for allowing me to see you. When i met Miranda I felt comfortable immediately as she has such a calming gentle presence. The reading was very informative and accurate and touched on a lot of topics. Most of all, Miranda was able to provide some clarity and put my mind at ease about an issue that has given me so much anxiety and stress for the last 2 years. I felt like a huge weight was removed from me. Xx

5th Sep 2022


My reading with Miranda was incredible.
She gave me powerful insight and allowed me to see things through a different lens. Her understanding and knowledge of my situation was profound. I feel like I received a road map out of what is a very challenging place, and at the same time was given the foresight that it’s going to be okay.
What a beautiful human, with such an amazing energy. Can’t recommend Miranda enough. ❤💫

1st Aug 2022


Thank you very much, Miranda for the excellent reading. I truly enjoyed it and I am
grateful for the guidance that I received.

24th Jul 2022


I found my reading with Miranda to be so helpful. I went there with some pretty big concerns, but left with a lot of clarity and a way to move forward. I felt very encouraged and uplifted by my reading. Miranda’s warm and professional manner made me feel comfortable straight away, I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for some clarity around things they may be struggling with.

23rd Jul 2022


This was my first time having a reading. I had zero expectations. The guidance and answers I received were truly remarkable.

So so so glad I did this !

18th Jul 2022


I recently had my first ever reading with Miranda & I felt at ease after my session. Gave me some wonderful insights & directions on where I need to focus on with my life in the near future after feeling like I’m stuck in a negative rut. Instant relief once leaving the session that I know I can make the decisions I need for myself. Got lovely vibes from her as soon as I got there. Wonderful first experience.
Thank you Miranda 🙂


I had a really lovely reading. It was exactly the guidance I needed at the time. I left feeling very content and am looking forward to the new chapter that’s ahead. Would love to go back sometime and would definitely recommend to anyone.

14th July 2022


Miranda was amazing. Just very comfortable to be with and talk to. Very insightful and was very accurate about everything.

Will definitely love to have another reading in the future.

7th Jul 2022

I was very happy with the reading Miranda provided. It cleared most of my anxiety and I was surprised that she could pin point all my issues and gave me a good direction to enable me make some decisions in life and for family.

I highly recommend her should you feel that you need some guidance in life.

Thank You Miranda and hope to meet you again in the New Year.

6th Jul 2022


I was struggling with some significant life decisions. I haven’t been this indecisive since 2014.
Miranda was amazingly calming and cleared and relaxed my mind so I could make these significant decisions while also guiding me in the right direction with my relationship, both personal and business.
I also found she knew things about my situation that I only told my closest friends. I will be back when I need some vision and reassurance about life and its many obstacles.

25th Jun 2022


It was a very good experience. Walked in unsure about a few things came out with a clearer and more understanding path.

17th Jun 2022


I had a reading with Miranda to seek some clarity about some decisions. Miranda was gentle, a beautiful soul, who understood & made me feel that the decisions that I was making were intuitive & on my correct path. Thank you for your insights, & positivity on a difficult subject, I’ll definitely be back. Thank you so much.

14th Jun 2022


I decided to see Miranda after a turbulent period and to seek some guidance moving forward in my life. She immediately pick up on my situation and exactly what I went to her for. Miranda”s reading definately resonated with me, giving me guidance and direction I was seeking and several things to look out for. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a gifted tarot reader.
8th Jun 2022


Very accurate – from past & current events. Miranda was great to interact with & very down to earth & friendly. Definitely recommend & will go back!!

31st May 2022


Recently had an intuitive reading with for the first time, with Miranda.

Her understanding and intuition and guidance on the issues in life that often cause us discomfort and where there isn’t any logical or easy solution, was calming and reassuring. Her reading was quite accurate to my current dilemma.

Her energy provides a warm and welcoming environment, free of judgement, so you can truly express your concerns.

Keep up the great work Miranda!


As a first time client, and my first ever tarot reading, I am incredibly grateful to have booked it with Miranda. Her presence is an absolute delight, and I felt at ease and in a safe space the moment I walked through the door. Miranda has a keen intuition and immediately picked up on current events, asked appropriate questions and gave a thorough insight into the messages of the cards and beyond. I left feeling at ease, with a sense of newfound direction. I look forward to a reading with her in the near future. I most definitely recommend booking if you are seeking guidance. Thank you very much Miranda!

19th May 2022


I booked a reading with Miranda because I felt unsure of my path and was in need of some guidance. Upon meeting her, I instantly felt welcome and safe and with that came a very natural and easy flowing reading. I felt that she truly heard me, understood my struggles, and validated all that I was feeling at the time. She was very accurate with all of the topics that came up during the reading and helped me find ways to navigate through it.. Once the reading ended I felt lighter and clearer as to the next steps to take. Thank you Miranda, I truly appreciate you sharing your time and space with me, you guidance has helped me a lot and I feel confident that I am now on the right path.

8th May 2022


I had a fantastic reading last month. Miranda has a beautiful, calm, grounding energy. The reading was very spot on for what I have been going through. Left me feeling positive and encouraged and trusting in the bigger plan.

1st May 2022


Miranda made me feel relaxed and calm as soon as I walked in.
Her advice and the way she explain my reading to me really made me think and help me guide myself to exactly where I need to be. The encouragement I needed and a sense of calm within myself.

I’m already looking forward to my next reading.

1st May 2022


I found Miranda to be relaxed and friendly. Miranda was very open and honest she gave me answers to questions I was looking for and help me deal with an issue I was struggling with. I will go back to have another reading in the future. Thank you.

29th Apr 2022


Miranda is amazing! Incredibly accurate and the reading was done with such sensitivity and care. Highly recommend.

27th Apr 2022


I was very nervous about getting my reading done, but I was absolutely amazed by Miranda and got the answers I have been looking for, which has now given me the push to pursue a different path, I would highly recommend Miranda.


Miranda was easy to connect with and made me feel comfortable. Her positive advise and intuition has allowed me to readjust my direction for the future. I would highly recommend a reading from Miranda. Thank you.

20th Apr 2022


It was my first time giving this experience a try. It has been a very interesting experience and Miranda was very supportive and reassuring. Thank you

16th Apr 2022


I found Miranda to be outstanding and she has helped me in ways that I gave no words for. If you’re lost , troubled by something, I assure you – MIRANDA WILL HELP
Thank you for my reading.

13th Apr 2022

Teresa G

I had an instant connection with Miranda. She is so professional and very accurate reading. As a first time client I didn’t know what to expect but was put at ease instantly in her presence. I will definitely be returning to see her again.

6th Apr 2022


Thanks so much to intuitive tarot reading. I had a reading with Miranda, amazing! Thank you, Miranda. I would highly recommend her, she has a real gift and it was the best reading I have ever had. Miranda totally puts my mind at ease. I am now so excited about my future – she has given me insight and helped me focus on what is important. I know my future is secure and happy. I can’t wait to see what she predicts happening.
Thanks Nadee

5th Apr 2022


I had the most wonderful, freeing, enlightening and beautiful reading. Thank you so much for releasing so much fear, tension and pressure!
I will definitely be back real soon for another wonderful experience xx

2nd Apr 2022


Miranda is a gifted psychic reader. My reading with her was intuitively informative and has helped me find some peace and direction going forward with my life.

I would highly recommend a reading with Miranda, she is insightful and easy to talk to.
Many thanks,

24th Mar 2022


Miranda was very accurate and comforting with what is currently happening in my life. Absolutely brilliant and will recommend her to to anyone for advice and guidance!

3rd Feb 2022


I’m from the Philippines and it’s an honor to have my first tarot reading with Miranda via Facetime. My client gifted me this voucher, and I can’t help but believe it was fate that our paths should cross. Miranda’s intuition, empathy, and perceptions are all spot on. It gave me the clarity I was looking for.

I’m incredibly excited to see where this year will take me. Highly recommend. Thank you again, Miranda.

3rd Feb 2022


It was my first ever meeting with Miranda.She is such a kind hearted person and very talented and gifted person. Spot on with helping me uderstand the situation I’m in.

I’m so relieved and feel guided and supported by her for my peace of mind,clarity and overall wellbeing.

Thank you so much Miranda
Much Merit

14th Jan 2022


As this was my first visit with Miranda I was incredibly surprised at how Miranda was answering questions that I had wanted to ask that I had not even articulated. Her intuition is super spot on. I will definitely be seeing Miranda again and I highly recommend a session with her.

Many many thanks Miranda for your wonderful guidance and help.

13th Jan 2022


My first session with Miranda was so insightful, I can’t thank her enough!

I had a list of questions written down in which she answered without me having to refer to it. Miranda’s intuitiveness and psychic abilities are incredible. I felt as if she could read everything that was going on inside of me and provide clarity and direction. My mind is no longer convoluted and confused. The uncanny part was that my tarot reading was further confirmation of everything we’d discussed prior.
Since my session with Miranda, I’m hopeful in what the future will bring as I now know exactly what I need to do.
If it feels like you are stumbling in the dark and trying to make sense of it alI, I highly recommend you see Miranda. I know I will definitely see her again in the near future!

5th Jan 2022


Due to a last minute appointment cancellation that Miranda had, I decided to meet with Miranda for the first time yesterday. She’s such a warm welcoming person who made me feel comfortable immediately. She was spot on with picking my emotional state and with everything she had to say. Her insights as to what was happening in my life were extremely valuable and gave me the strength and kick up the bum to hopefully help me move forward.

Thank you so much.

5th Jan 2022


Miranda was incredible. She was able to answer all questions that I had, provide direction in my like and give advice that is relevant to where I am at the moment. I will recommend her to anyone looking for a tarot reading and will definitely come back. Thank you again


21st Dec 2021


Miranda was incredibly lovely and soothing during my reading. I was feeling very lost with the direction of my life and how I should conduct myself, and she was able to pick up immediately what I was feeling and needed to hear to get back on track.

Although I’m still waiting on the outcomes to occur as mentioned in the reading, I felt very balanced and content after my reading with Miranda.

Would highly recommend!

12th Dec 2021


Miranda’s reading was wonderful. She was honest, clear, and empathetic. I felt very comfortable sharing my thoughts and listening to her suggestions.

Thank you so much.  It was a great experience.

12th Dec 2021


Thank you Miranda for the session. I have gained the clarity that I need to move forward with my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling me exactly what I needed to move forward.

12th Dec 2021


Had a lovely reading and received lots of answers to pending questions. Will definitely book again.

9th Dec 2021


This was my second reading 12 months on from my first. Miranda was so accurate on all fronts:- work, relationships and travel from the first reading – quite amazing. My second reading which revolves around events that were happening and had happened in the recent past she saw accurately and gave me guidance as to how to resolve them and showed me what was coming up for me around family, work and relationships. I will be checking back in with her in another 12 months. Incredibly worth the money for reassurance, perspective and motivation.
Thanks Miranda

8th Dec 2021


I do not hesitate to recommend Miranda to anyone who is looking for answers or guidance with challenges in their life. It was scarily accurate as to what she was able to predict without even looking at the tarot cards. Once the cards were flipped, it was even more eye opening to me, as they mirrored what was happening in my life.

3rd Dec 2021


Miranda creates a very warm environment in which to do the readings. I was comfortable from the get go and she was extremely considerate and caring in her reading. She was very helpful and I would happily visit her again and recommend her services to anyone!

2nd Dec 2021


After having my first session with Miranda I felt more at ease knowing I was on the right path.
Her insights and suggestions on how to work through potential upcoming situations were delivered with compassion and understanding.


I feel like I now have more clarity which has relieved some of the stress I was carrying.

I will certainly be back 😊

17th Nov 2021


I’m so glad to find Miranda. My session with her was absolutely amazing. She’s so lovely and inspiring person. Now I know who should I see when I need someone read my cards.

Thank you Miranda and I strongly recommend you to everyone. ✨✨💕

9th Nov 2021


Accurate, insightful and what I needed. Would highly recommend.

20th Oct 2021

Maria B

I found my tarot reading with Miranda incredibly helpful. Miranda guided the session so beautifully and let our conversation flow where it needed to. I left with restored clarity and confidence in my inner knowing and some beautiful visualisations to take with me into each day. If your curiosity has led you to this point, I recommend taking the leap and seeing what magic is on the other side.

19th Oct 2021


I booked an appointment with Miranda after reading the amazing reviews online. I had never had a reading done before and was at a time in my life where I felt completely lost not only in my relationship & my career but also my future. I had so much uncertainty that I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. Miranda made me feel completely at ease and her reading gave me the hope and guidance that I needed. I left feeling positive about the future and with a spring in my step. It’s been over a month since I seen Miranda and the reading has resonated with me daily and helps me put things into perspective for a more positive outlook on my life & my future. I’m really looking forward to seeing Miranda again in the future and cannot recommend her highly enough.

8th Oct 2021


So glad I made a booking as felt I didn’t know which way to turn & felt very fuzzy with thought processing! I feel I have gained strength & am now working my way forward with the guidance & am looking towards a brighter future. Miranda, you are a lovely & inspiring person, thank you for the reading, I now know who to come to when needing guidance 🙏❤

12th Sep 2021


My best friend surprised me with a booking to see Miranda today, for us both. We had our individual session. I was nervous initially but have to say as soon as I walked in I felt more relaxed and at ease. Walking away I had an enormous sense of relief. The things Miranda said to me made sense, her responses and advice realistic. I feel ‘lightened’ because I had worries, but now I feel I can challenge them with the confidence and tools Miranda told me about. Today was truely inspirational. I am thankful to my beautiful friend and thankful to Miranda for her natural gift. I would have no hesitation in recommending this lovely lady.

8th Sep 2021


I had my first reading with Miranda yesterday. Very clear advice that sat very aligned with my own intuition. Miranda’s warmth, expertise and the clarity of her explanations of how the cards tell the story made the experience very valuable..I would recommend her with confidence.

4th Sep 2021


My reading with Miranda was great and very insightful. Thanks for making me feel instantly comfortable and for your guidance.

3rd Sep 2021


I highly recommend seeing Miranda. She is a friendly, caring and compassionate person and I felt really good and relaxed.

Miranda answered what I wanted to know and also guided me with moving forward and over coming my “hurdles” for the future. I felt really good when I came out and will be going back again in the future.

Thank you so much Miranda

3rd Sep 2021


The reading was very revealing of what was going on in my life and helped me get another perspective on some issues in my life.

Very helpful, thank you

2nd Sep 2021


I first went to Miranda over 2 years ago and then recently as well and all I can say is that she is amazing! She has given me so much invaluable guidance which has really helped me in so many ways. She is very personable and creates a very safe and warming environment. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

1st Sep 2021


Miranda is someone who will make you feel completely comfortable and at ease. I recently had a reading and for me the process was both insightful and moving. It certainly has been thought provoking. For me, Miranda has a gift of profound insight who was able to offer clarity and help provide guidance. I plan on returning. Words cannot adequately capture this experience for me other than saying thankyou.

28th Aug 2021


I recently had a reading with Miranda and felt completely at ease with her. Not only were there many things that resonated, there was somethings that I can keep in mind for the future.
I will definitely be booking again when the time feels right. Thank you

28th Aug 2021


I organised a reading with Miranda after coming to a few roadblocks in my life and was therefore seeking some mental clarity. I left the reading with not only hope, determination and purpose, but also acknowledging that my feelings were justified and feeling incredibly connected to my inner-self. I had expectations of my appointment with Miranda, however what she gave me far beyond exceeded them. I felt incredibly welcomed, comfortable and understood, which gave me the strength to be vulnerable with her, as she was with me. Miranda truly makes you feel as though you are her main focus and priority and for that I thank her. Her intuition is incredibly natural and not at all confrontational. She reassured me that I was indeed on the right path and provided me with precious advise for the future. I will certainly be recommending Miranda to any of my friends who are seeking the clarity i was and will most definitely be returning to her. Thank you Miranda, truly.

25th Aug 2021


I found Miranda to be relaxed friendly accurate and she confirmed for me the things I was thinking about and how to deal with issues I was struggling with. I left feeling comforted. I will go back to have another reading in the future. A huge thank you to Miranda

25th Aug 2021


I recently saw Miranda for some reassurance that my life was heading in the right direction. The reading was really helpful and covered all the key areas of my life. There was even a surprise prediction. Miranda asked me about a little dog she could see coming to me and 2 months later I have a 9 week old little pup. Nothing about the pup was planned but everything lined up for him to come to me. You were right Miranda, he is the best little buddy. I’m excited to see what else the future holds!

20th Aug 2021


Miranda was great and I would highly recommend her. She is warm and welcoming. Her reading was very accurate and has helped me with future decisions/goals. Definitely worth meeting with Miranda. Thank you so much. X

20th Aug 2021


I was looking around for a while and I had came across Miranda online and my gut feeling was to book in with her the second time I came across her website. I’m so very happy I did! The session went so well, I was so comfortable and at ease from the second I arrived and I was so amazed with the insight Miranda offered. I left the session feeling so light and with an amazing sense of self ❤️ I highly recommend Miranda she is absolutely amazing ✨

18th Aug 2021


This was my first tarot reading and I found it very insightful and was so pleased to receive the guidance and push along in some areas of life that I needed. I’m very excited for what the future holds and Miranda was very warm and welcoming. I would highly recommend ❤

18th Aug 2021


Miranda was so lovely and helpful. I was very lost and needed some guidance and everything she told me has helped me tremendously and taken a great weight off my shoulders and given me some positive directions! Would highly recommend her and am looking forward to visiting her again in the future.

11th Aug 2021


Miranda is very loving and caring.
Her guidance and help was amazing.
Would recommend her any time.

6th Aug 2021


This was my first ever reading.

The process was explained well, I felt comfortable and supported.

Miranda guided me through the process beautifully and allowed me to ask questions and seek clarification on areas I didn’t understand.

Thank you


I wasn’t sure at first whether I’d want to book a session, but I listened to my instinct. I couldn’t be more happier and felt a genuine relief after seeing Miranda. As soon as I walked through her door, I felt I was in safe hands and would get the guidance I was seeking. I left feeling a sense of relief and knew what I had to do going forward. She’s wonderful and I would highly recommend her if you are in need of guidance.

4th Aug 2021


I enjoyed my reading with Miranda.

I was welcomed into her space and made to feel comfortable.

The reading was very relevant and I could relate to Miranda’s suggestions and advice.

I left feeling lighter, more confident and excited for the future. Thank you!

14th Jun 2021


Miranda is amazing. We’ve booked her for 2 events so far and she is wonderfully professional and warm and welcoming to her guests. She strikes that perfect balance between managing the allocated time per person at an event and giving a fulsome reading to everyone. We will definitely be re-booking her and I would highly recommend her services.


Hello Miranda,

I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for my reading on the 25th June which left me feeling peaceful and empowered. You so kindly and respectfully created space for me share my confusion and pain.

From the very beginning, with the two cards that fell from the pack, you shone light onto paths that had previously been obscured by the road blocks of confusion. Paths I now explore with renewed confidence and purpose. Your compassion and insight are infinite Miranda. Your treasures, priceless.

Thank you Miranda. Take care.

3rd Jul 2021


Thank You so much for the readings, for the links and all your wise advice. Everything you said does make sense for me and everything is true. I’m grateful for each word.

I hope to see you soon again for another consultation ☺️🌺

2nd Jul 2021


I really gained a lot from my reading with Miranda. Not only did I feel the cards were spot on but also Miranda’s explanations, advice and understanding meant I went away feeling like I’d had a very helpful chat with a caring friend.  Thanks Miranda

23rd Jun 2021


I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Miranda and cannot sing enough praises. She is such a caring and compassionate person. I have and do recommend her to everyone!

11th Jun 2021


Thank you Miranda. You gave me so much clarity, as I had been going around in circles about my business.  When you said about no more courses it was like a huge wait lifted. You gave me permission, so thank you.   Clarity in so many things was brilliant, so we can move forward .
Look forward to our journey and will definitely be back down the track to see you.

8th Jun 2021


Miranda was so great to do a reading with I highly recommend her👌

Will go back when I feel it’s time again.

5th Jun 2021


Thank you, you have given me a new path and a new direction.

3rd Jun 2021


My reading with Miranda was inspiring. I left with a renewed purpose.

Would highly recommend. Miranda was lovely and warm.

30th Jun 2021


This was my very first time doing any sort of intuitive reading and I could not recommend Miranda enough she was absolutely amazing, she made me feel very comfortable in her space and reassured me about my current situations and challenges in my life, everything she picked up when reading me on was very much correct which made me feel even better after I walked out of my reading. I was very unsure about doing a intuitive reading and wasn’t sure how it would go but I definitely can say I am so so glad I went.

26th May 2021


I saw Miranda and she intuitively knew what I needed to know . She really is incredibly accurate , and a really lovely lady .

Thank you so much, you really have helped me more than you could know . X

20th May 2021


It was the right time in my life to meet Miranda. At a time of great uncertainty and confusion. Spending time with Miranda helped clear the fog and find a path forward. Her intuition and insight into aspects of my life and the people in my life was reassuring that she did understand me and my concerns. Her advice, visions and reading for me were pertinent for where I was at this time.

Thank you and I will reach out again soon when the path becomes over grown in the forest and I start to lose my way again.

15th May 21


I came to see Miranda to get clarity on a few confusing choices I need to make. The reading came out really clear with strong direction – in the first few minutes it hit me hard and I shed a few tears. But Miranda handled it all and talked me through my head space.

It was a worthwhile experience and I’ve already talked to friends about it.

12th May 2021


I was seeking some clarity and guidance at this particular point in my life when I found Miranda’s details during a search on Google. She was exactly who I was searching for! My one hour tarot reading with her was an absolute delight and she is so intuitive and knowledgeable. I felt at all times comfortable and in very safe hands. Her honesty, kindness and generous spirit has helped to give me the confidence that I was lacking, allowing me to now have a more positive outlook for my future. Miranda is truly.a remarkable and extremely talented lady. Thank you for your grace Mirianda,

3rd May 2021


I really enjoyed it, I felt like it was really thorough and it made me think a lot about what I should do.

28th Apr 2021


My reading with Miranda provided clarity and insight into my personal situation at the moment. Her warm and endearing personality made me feel comfortable, as she explained each of the cards and their connections. I gained direction and a confidence in decisions which need to be made. Thank you Miranda. I look forward to meeting you again.

21st Apr 2021


I was referred to meet with Miranda by someone close to me. I’m so glad I did. Miranda provided the much needed guidance, insights and strength. Since then I have met with Miranda twice and will continue to seek support from Miranda.

If you are looking for some answers, guidance or simply just want some goodness for your mind and soul, I would recommend seeing Miranda. Best luck to everyone xx

11th Apr 2021


I had my reading with Miranda yesterday, it was absolutely lovely, nothing like I ever had before. Not only Miranda pointed out what i am struggling with but also gave solutions to help me move forward.

Definitely recommend Miranda and come back !

2nd Apr 2021


Miranda was insightful and genuine. Her space was warm and peaceful. Highly recommended. Thank you for the reading.


My experience with Miranda has been very interesting and positive. It was the first time for me and she made me feel very comfortable by explaining and guiding me through the whole session.

I felt very reassured and will definitely come back.

Thank you again for your help and insights.

28th Mar 2021


Miranda is a warm and beautiful person who truly cares. My reading with her was insightful and helpful.

Thank you Miranda.

26th Mar 2021


Miranda was insightful and genuine. Her space was warm and peaceful. Highly recommended.

Thank you…

25th Mar 2021


Miranda was amazing, made me feel at home straight away. Tunes into your energy almost instantly. Got clarity for everything on my mind. Would recommend to anyone who needs some guidance or feeling a bit lost in their current circumstances.

Loved all the guidance given spiritually and mentally.

18th Mar 2021


I had a reading yesterday with Miranda and it was very insightful and have me clarity on what I need to do. She is a beautiful person who truly cares and I felt very at ease with her. I will definitely be going back once I have made some further changes in my life.

Thank you Miranda. You truly are a gift to those you see. 🌸💖

19th Mar 2021


Miranda was lovely and made me feel comfortable immediately, She was authentic, caring and committed 100% throughout our time together. I was able to open up and trust her fully during our session. I felt lighter after and will definitely be booking another appointment in the future.

17th Mar 2021


Miranda is very friendly and easy to talk to. It was a great experience for me. Very comfortable and neat office. Highly recommended.

5th Mar 2021

Artisan Flow

Miranda was so lovely and calming. She created a safe space for me to reflect and mirrored what actions I needed to take to make progress in my life. She also helped me unpack what was going on in my head and how to overcome this. After the reading, I reflected on her words and my subconscious and have decided to take a “leap of faith” and am moving to Sydney next month! She read my energy well and knew what it needed to grow.

4th Mar 2021


I had a wonderful experience with Miranda. I received very useful information that helped me find the direction I was looking for. I’ve already recommended a number of people to see Miranda too.

25th Feb 2021

Miranda is amazing at what she does, this was my 2nd time to have a reading with her.
She is spot on with her information and guidance she provided me with very healing calming energy from her.
I recommend her to all my friends, thanks Miranda
I will be back to see you in the future ❤
25th Feb 2021
Nikki C

What can I say? I was releived and encouraged to look forward into my future, I felt strong after reading – Miranda said so many things that amazed me… I am happy I chose to visit her, this was a breakpoint in my current situation.

Unforgettable experience!

24th Feb 2021


I really enjoyed my reading. I felt very comfortable and relaxed throughout. I benefited a lot from the discussion I had with Miranda and took a lot away from it.

Would highly recommend x

19th Feb 2021

Jo F

Miranda has a lovely way of delivering her messages from the tarot reading. She takes the time to explain what each card means and her reading was very accurate of my situation and the difficulties that I am experiencing. This is my first reading with Miranda and I would highly recommend her. Miranda provided me with clarity, advice and honesty.

Thank you.

18th Feb 2021


My reading was very insightful and beneficial. I enjoyed every second of it, and am extremely grateful for the experience.

11th Feb 2021


I really enjoyed my time with Miranda. Not only is Miranda kind, insightful and highly intuitive, she picked up on my energy and got to the core of the purpose of my reading within the first 2 minutes!
I really appreciated that I was allowed to take my time and didn’t feel rushed to select my cards.
To be honest, I’m still a little stunned! Her reading of my current situation and description of what I’m going through was astoundingly accurate. I feel so at peace and have clear direction and purpose since my reading, and will definitely be booking in for a regular ‘tune up’.
Thank you Miranda. I’m forever grateful for your guidance.

29th Jan 2021


Miranda immediately acknowledged my nervous energy at the begining of the reading and gently put me at ease.
Miranda asked what I hoped to get from the reading and listened openly and attentively to my reply.
Once the reading began, I found the information that was shared to be profoundly insightful.
Miranda relayed the meaning of the cards in a way that was easily understood and in language that was perfect for me – in the moment.
Miranda has a unique gift in that she can cimmunicate complex spiritual concepts in a very ‘down to earth’ and pragmatic way. I was given several key messages relevant to my situation that will benefit me moving foward.
Miranda holds the space beautifully.

28th Jan 2021


Miranda was absolutely amazing. She made me feel very comfortable and I got much more from my session than I could have hoped for. Not only did Miranda help me to trust what was already in my heart but what I couldn’t yet act on, she also gave me wonderful advice for the future. She covered things that no one knows about me whilst making me feel completely safe at the same time. I will be sure to make visiting Miranda a regular part of my self-care routine.

21st Jan 2021


My reading with Miranda was a magical and transformative experience, grounded in authenticity and compassion. It gave me permission to see and acknowledge the shame, grief and truth that was already within me and the courage to take the necessary steps towards the light. I felt a complete sense of peace and safety in the room, truly as if surrounded by the love and guidance of a high power. I cannot explain how I pulled the cards that I did – it was simply astounding to me. To witness such overwhelming forces of energy at work has provided me a deep sense of calm from which I am dearly grateful to have during this current time of change and challenges in my life. This was a truly remarkable experience, one which I was not at all expecting and will treasure it my heart forever. My deepest gratitude to you Miranda for the warm, kind, gentle and supportive space you held for my scared soul and little worried head.

21st Jan 2021


Miranda was so easy and comfortable to talk to, and her readings were accurate. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a bit of guidance and reassurance in life.

20th Jan 2021


I pretty much used it as a therapy session and Miranda was able to read what was happening in my life and give practical advice for how to proceed in the future. I found it very helpful in establishing my path and what incremental steps I should take over the next year to make sure I achieve what I set out to achieve. I’d never been to a medium before and had all these expectations of airy fairy incantations and wild predictions that come out of nowhere (and that might still be a fun ASMR experience that I can seek out at some point) but I was pleasantly surprised by how grounded in reality this was. Thank you Miranda, I’m feeling like everything is a little clearer now!

13th Jan 2021


Must say I felt connection with Miranda straight after introducing myself to her. Her guidance was smooth and clear. Will come again.

19th Jan 2021


I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Miranda. She gave me some much needed insights as to what was going on behind the scenes in my life so that I can take preventative action. I highly recommend a reading with Miranda

18th Jan 2021


I came to Miranda with a clouded mind and a heavy heart as I was not too sure what to do and wanted to know what my purpose in life was. She immediately makes you feel comfortable and tunes in straight away. She answered all my questions in great detail and set me back on my path. I left her place with clarity and a happy heart, she has an amazing devine gift and will definitely help you with any worries you might have. Thank you Miranda.

30th Nov 2020

Tania T

Thank you Miranda, your reading has definitely given me clarity and guidance , it was a very informative and I felt very comfortable , I would definitely recommend .

9th Dec 2020

Lisa P

I was really floored by the experience. I went in not knowing what to expect, and found Miranda intuitive, soulful and easy to connect with. Her reading of me felt really spot on – I felt so seen! And it has helped prepare me with ways to deal with current situations happening in my life, and eager to see future opportunities unfold. I’ve sung her praises to so many people and to date 4 of my friends have now booked already.

21st Dec 2020

Kristy K

It was a great experience to do a reading again. You are very good at capturing the issues and helping me understand on how to overcome them. You are very good at what you do. Most of what you predicted has come to pass. Your spiritual connections are positive and have helped to clarify a lot of my problems. Thank you for your continuous support and guidance. Thank you.

21st Nov 2020

Raz J

Miranda’s reading was really so helpful. Her cards were very accurate with what they had to say! Miranda is warm, friendly and professional and knowledgeable about the tarot. She passed on the tarot cards message in a way that was easy for me to understand and connect with. Very impressed and would definitely recommend Miranda!!

11th Oct 2020


Miranda truly has an amazing gift. Picking up just on my energy she was able to tell me things about myself, my situation and my decisions that only I knew. I haven’t felt such calm and clarity in a long time and feel blessed to have crossed Miranda’s path.


Yesterday was the first time I saw Miranda, and straight away I felt at ease with her. She was welcoming and friendly. She didn’t make me feel like my questions or the things I am going through we’re silly or unimportant. She was so helpful with her guidance, when it came to some important decisions I have too make. One of the first things she said to me when we started was a certain turn of phrase that I always say. whether it was pure coincidence or what, it made me smile. I will definitely be seeing Miranda again and highly recommend her to anyone who needs a little help, guidance, or just some clarity in life. X


I had my first reading with Miranda this week and felt comfortable from the moment I walked in. New to Tarot reading, Miranda took the time to explain the cards and provided a very thorough service. I would highly recommend Miranda and have in fact already purchased gift readings for my sister and a friend so they too can experience the insights of Tarot.


I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for the reading the other day. Have to say – Amazing on every level! It’s not often I meet people who have are such a high standard. Punctuality, privacy, professionalism. You also touched on a number of points that are around me right now or on my mind and you did it in your very own graceful way. Thanks for a superb hour and half.


Miranda has a very magical and special way of communicating her readings. She made me feel calm and retold exactly what I had been subconsciously feeling about my life right now. She’s given me paths to take and consequences and rewards that come with them. Thank you, can’t wait to see you again.


I had a reading with Miranda last week. I definitely feel it was no accident I stumbled upon her. Naturally and genuinely intuitive with her gifts. She knew exactly where I was at and left with questions answers and having a genuine sense of guidance and understand of where I’m headed and need to go. Would definitely recommend and will be back soon. xx


I was recommended Miranda’s services through a friend and very happy I decided to book in for my reading. I’d never had my cards read before and Miranda took the time to explain each card in detail and really hit on the key points that needed to be discussed for me. Her intuitive guidance was amazing and I’ll certainly be a repeat customer.


I recently experienced the pleasure of a reading with Miranda. She exudes a warm and calming energy, and I felt comfortable with her immediately.
She imparted some very accurate and intuitive insights, and offered the guidance and reassurance I was seeking.  I left the session feeling confident and blessed.

Deepest thanks Miranda


I had a reading with Miranda yesterday as I needed some direction career wise. She confirmed what I have been thinking for the past year about my negative thoughts towards my degree not being right for me and has encouraged me to enrol into a psychology degree that is more suited to my nature. I am so excited for what the next year brings and thank Miranda for giving me the insight and confidence I needed to make this happen and I will be recommending her to my friends and family.


Found Miranda to be spot on with all that she saw and told me. I’ve never met or seen her before hence she knew nothing about me so I was very happy with the reading . Thanks Miranda.


Yesterday I came to see Miranda, I haven’t had a reading done in about 6-7 years my dad passed away 3 years ago and I honestly just wanted to see is someone had any answers and boy did I get plenty! Miranda was spot on about everything after this reading it honestly feels like I’m a changed person I would highly recommend! Can’t wait to see you in about a years time x


Fabulous insightful reading, leaving me with the clarity I need going forward in certain complicated and difficult areas of my life. Thank you Miranda.


I went in to my reading completely uncertain of what to expect and what to discuss. I was simply interested to know what a tarot reading was all about. Miranda was intuitive and asked the kinds of questions that I didn’t have answers for. This lead to an in-depth chat on what was truly bothering me without me even knowing it. The cards, and Miranda’s reading of the cards mapped out the way forward and sparked the courage within me that I needed. Thank you! And will see you next time xxx


I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Miranda. It was so insightful and clarified many things for me, from my home life to my career. Miranda has a unique gift and I feel so lucky to have met her.


I found the reading spot on, the cards told the whole story and the explanations and insights provided by Miranda were also spot on but extremely helpful in helping me continue on my journey. Well worth the visit. Thank you Miranda.


From the very first moment I saw Miranda I felt a peace and ease – it was as if I knew her. She has a calm about her I cannot describe. I made an appointment because I had 2 very big issues in my life that I needed to resolve but was over thinking so much that I began to second guess myself. Also, being a mother of two and having a sick partner, I needed confirmation or direction in how I was doing things. I came away feeling good about my direction and having faith in myself that I was beginning to doubt. Miranda’s intuitive skill and tarot reading skills are exceptional. I will not hesitate in seeing her again. Thank you Miranda, I appreciate everything. xx


I needed some guidance with a few things happening in my life so I decided to book in a reading with Miranda after reading some great reviews. I was in awe of her intuitive work throughout the reading, and felt very comfortable in her presence. I left Miranda feeling much safer and confident about the next few steps in my journey, and will definitely be booking another session again.


My reading experience with Miranda was delivered with such care, sensitivity and empathy. Miranda is such a beautiful person, I would recommend her to anyone who is at a cross roads with life and is after an accurate reading.


I had a Facetime reading with Miranda. I feel so relieved after talking with her. I was having so much trouble with my life, i don’t know what I’m up to. I was at a point where i don’t trust myself. I was stressing myself way too much. I was having so many negative thoughts. I got an opportunity for work in my life which i was not ready for or if i should give it a try. But Miranda gave me so much encouragement and all her words made me believe i can do it. Miranda is such a great person, whatever she asked me i didn’t believe how she can read my mind without even telling her. I can’t wait to do a second reading with her.❤️


I highly recommend Intuitive Tarot. I had a list of questions and everyone of them got answered without me having to ask. I felt Miranda was very professional but also super friendly, making me feel very relaxed. Totally enjoyable experience.


Meeting Miranda was a very special experience. I immediately felt comfortable and Miranda was so accurate in her understanding of my issues. Miranda delivered much needed advice in a caring and thoughtful way. I feel a weight has been lifted and a sense of clarity and calm. Thank you so much Miranda. ❤️❤️


I had a reading done by Miranda a week ago. Very well spoken and spot on with her reading. Highly recommended if you are looking for help in the right direction in life.

Thank you so much Miranda.


I had a reading with Miranda and not only was she very intuitive but very caring. I had a reading with Miranda and not only was she very intuitive but very caring in her guidance and her delivery. I found the reading very helpful especially in these very uncertain times of Covid-19. I would definitely recommend anyone considering having a reading to see Miranda, I’m sure you want be dissapionted and she will be able to help with any questions you have or clarity that you maybe searching for.


I highly recommend a reading with Miranda and have already passed her details on to my close friends. She provided so many useful insights into my current situation and the future. Miranda was lovely to talk to and made me feel very relaxed. I left the reading feeling so uplifted. Thank you again Miranda, I will be back.


I wasn’t sure what to expect and Miranda put me at ease straight away. She’s kind, caring and has a really nice way of delivering messages. There were a couple of things that she spun we out with – you’d just never know and she was bang on.

Highly recommend and I’ll definitely go back! Thank you for the guidance and sharing your talent with me.


My reading with Miranda was amazing! She was so kind, compassionate and comforting. Miranda was very intuitive, clear and accurate throughout the reading. Thank you Miranda for the guidance to move onwards and upwards.

I highly recommend a reading if you’re looking for clarity, guidance, healing and an overall wonderful experience.

14th Jul 2020