I came to Miranda with a clouded mind and a heavy heart as I was not too sure what to do and wanted to know what my purpose in life was. She immediately makes you feel comfortable and tunes in straight away. She answered all my questions in great detail and set me back on my path. I left her place with clarity and a happy heart, she has an amazing devine gift and will definitely help you with any worries you might have. Thank you Miranda.

Tanya T

Thank you Maya, your reading has definitely given me clarity and guidance , it was a very informative and I felt very comfortable , I would definitely recommend .

Lisa P

I was really floored by the experience. I went in not knowing what to expect, and found Maya intuitive, soulful and easy to connect with. Her reading of me felt really spot on – I felt so seen! And it has helped prepare me with ways to deal with current situations happening in my life, and eager to see future opportunities unfold. I’ve sung her praises to so many people and to date 4 of my friends have now booked already.

Kristy K

It was a great experience to do a reading again. You are very good at capturing the issues and helping me understand on how to overcome them. You are very good at what you do. Most of what you predicted has come to pass. Your spiritual connections are positive and have helped to clarify a lot of my problems. Thank you for your continuous support and guidance. Thank you.

Raz J

Miranda’s reading was really so helpful. Her cards were very accurate with what they had to say! Miranda is warm, friendly and professional and knowledgeable about the tarot. She passed on the tarot cards message in a way that was easy for me to understand and connect with. Very impressed and would definitely recommend Miranda!!


Miranda truly has an amazing gift. Picking up just on my energy she was able to tell me things about myself, my situation and my decisions that only I knew. I haven’t felt such calm and clarity in a long time and feel blessed to have crossed Miranda’s path.


Yesterday was the first time I saw Maya, and straight away I felt at ease with her. She was welcoming and friendly. She didn’t make me feel like my questions or the things I am going through we’re silly or unimportant. She was so helpful With her guidance, when it came to some important decisions I have too make. One of The first things she said to me when we started was a certain turn of phrase that I always say. whether it was pure coincidence or what, it made me smile. I will definitely be seeing Maya again and highly recommend her to anyone who needs a little help, guidance, or just some clarity in life. X


I had my first reading with Maya this week and felt comfortable from the moment I walked in. New to Tarot reading, Maya took the time to explain the cards and provided a very thorough service. I would highly recommend Maya and have in fact already purchased gift readings for my sister and a friend so they too can experience the insights of Tarot.


I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for the reading the other day. Have to say – Amazing on every level! It’s not often I meet people who have are such a high standard. Punctuality, privacy, professionalism. You also touched on a number of points that are around me right now or on my mind and you did it in your very own graceful way. Thanks for a superb hour and half.


Miranda has a very magical and special way of communicating her readings. She made me feel calm and retold exactly what I had been subconsciously feeling about my life right now. She’s given me paths to take and consequences and rewards that come with them. Thank you, can’t wait to see you again.


I had a reading with Maya last week. I definitely feel it was no accident I stumbled upon her. Naturally and genuinely intuitive with her gifts. She knew exactly where I was at and left with questions answers and having a genuine sense of guidance and understand of where I’m headed and need to go. Would definitely recommend and will be back soon. xx


I was recommended Maya’s services through a friend and very happy I decided to book in for my reading. I’d never had my cards read before and Maya took the time to explain each card in detail and really hit on the key points that needed to be discussed for me l. Her intuitive guidance was amazing and I’ll certainly be a repeat customer.


I recently experienced the pleasure of a reading with Maya. She exudes a warm and calming energy, and I felt comfortable with her immediately.
She imparted some very accurate and intuitive insights, and offered the guidance and reassurance I was seeking.
I left the session feeling confident and blessed.Deepest thanks Maya


I had a reading with Miranda yesterday as I needed some direction career wise. She confirmed what I have been thinking for the past year about my negative thoughts towards my degree not being right for me and has encouraged me to enrol into a psychology degree that is more suited to my nature. I am so excited for what the next year brings and thank Miranda for giving me the insight and confidence I needed to make this happen and I will be recommending her to my friends and family.


Found Miranda to be spot on with all that she saw and told me. I’ve never met or seen her before hence she knew nothing about me so I was very happy with the reading . Thanks Miranda.


Yesterday I came to see Maya, I haven’t had a reading done in about 6-7 years my dad passed away 3 years ago and I honestly just wanted to see is someone had any answers and boy did I get plenty! Maya was spot on about everything after this reading it honestly feels like I’m a changed person I would highly recommend! Can’t wait to see you in about a years time x


Fabulous insightful reading, leaving me with the clarity I need going forward in certain complicated and difficult areas of my life. Thank you Miranda.


I went in to my reading completely uncertain of what to expect and what to discuss. I was simply interested to know what a tarot reading was all about. Miranda was intuitive and asked the kinds of questions that I didn’t have answers for. This lead to an in-depth chat on what was truly bothering me without me even knowing it. The cards, and Miranda’s reading of the cards mapped out the way forward and sparked the courage within me that I needed. Thank you! And will see you next time xxx


I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Maya. It was so insightful and clarified many things for me, from my home life to my career. Maya has a unique gift and I feel so lucky to have met her.


I found the reading spot on, the cards told the whole story and the explanations and insights provided by Maya were also spot on but extremely helpful in helping me continue on my journey. Well worth the visit. Thank you Maya.


From the very first moment I saw Miranda I felt a peace and ease – it was as if I knew her. She has a calm about her I cannot describe. I made an appointment because I had 2 very big issues in my life that I needed to resolve but was over thinking so much that I began to second guess myself. Also, being a mother of two and having a sick partner, I needed confirmation or direction in how I was doing things. I came away feeling good about my direction and having faith in myself that I was beginning to doubt. Miranda’s intuitive skill and tarot reading skills are exceptional. I will not hesitate in seeing her again. Thank you Miranda (Maya) I appreciate everything. xx


I needed some guidance with a few things happening in my life so I decided to book in a reading with Miranda after reading some great reviews. I was in awe of her intuitive work throughout the reading, and felt very comfortable in her presence. I left Miranda feeling much safer and confident about the next few steps in my journey, and will definitely be booking another session again.


My reading experience with Maya was delivered with such care, sensitivity and empathy. Maya is such a beautiful person, I would recommend her to anyone who is at a cross roads with life and is after an accurate reading.


I had a Facetime reading with Miranda. I feel so relieved after talking with her. I was having so much trouble with my life, i don’t know what I’m up to. I was at a point where i don’t trust myself. I was stressing myself way too much. I was having so many negative thoughts. I got an opportunity for work in my life which i was not ready for or if i should give it a try. But Miranda gave me so much encouragement and all her words made me believe i can do it. Miranda is such a great person, whatever she asked me i didn’t believe how she can read my mind without even telling her. I can’t wait to do a second reading with her.❤️


I highly recommend Intuitive Tarot. I had a list of questions and everyone of them got answered without me having to ask. I felt Maya was very professional but also super friendly, making me feel very relaxed. Totally enjoyable experience.


Meeting Maya was a very special experience. I immediately felt comfortable and Maya was so accurate in her understanding of my issues. Maya delivered much needed advice in a caring and thoughtful way. I feel a weight has been lifted and a sense of clarity and calm. Thank you so much Maya. ❤️❤️


I had a reading done by Miranda a week ago. Very well spoken and spot on with her reading. Highly recommended if u are looking for help in the right direction in life. Thank u so much Miranda.


I had a reading with Maya and not only was she very intuitive but very caring. I had a reading with Maya and not only was she very intuitive but very caring in her guidance and her delivery. I found the reading very helpful especially in these very uncertain times of Covid-19. I would definitley recommend anyone considering having a reading to see Maya, I’m sure you want be dissapionted and she will be able to help with any questions you have or clarity that you maybe searching for.


I highly recommend a reading with Maya and have already passed her details on to my close friends. She provided so many useful insights into my current situation and the future. Maya was lovely to talk to and made me feel very relaxed. I left the reading feeling so uplifted. Thank you again Maya, I will be back.


I wasn’t sure what to expect and Maya put me at ease straight away. She’s kind, caring and has a really nice way of delivering messages. There were a couple of things that she spun we out with – you’d just never know and she was bang on.

Highly recommend and I’ll definitely go back! Thank you for the guidance and sharing your talent with me.